Swing Course Descriptions

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4-Week Beginner A Swing Course 7-8PM Learn how to swing dance with a Progressive Swing Beginner Course. It is a fun easy way to learn a variety of beginner swing dance basics! We assume that you can only count to 2, walk and run a little. You will get lots of repetition! The steps we teach are simple! Lots of laughs! No pressure! Learn new easy moves every week! We teach a combination of basics from the videos below and on the video page. Take Beginner A Swing Classes to learn several 8 count basics for Savoy Lindy Hop including the Follow Pop Out, Flip Flop and Swing Out!

4-Week Beginner B Swing Course 8:15-9:15PM Take Beginner B Swing Classes to learn how to mix your Beginner A basics with fun 6 count moves for Savoy Lindy Hop including the Tuck Turn, Trading Places and Pull Through.

4-Week Beginner C Swing Course Instruction 9:15-9:45pm This Course option is only available to dancers taking the Beginner B Course who want a bigger challenge. Student directed learning of Moves, Moves, Moves plus styling options for lead or follow.

Learn a swing routine to Twistin the Night Away!

COUNTS: PART 1A-2X8 Intro, 8 Charleston, 6 Tuck pop, 6 Pull to CP, 6 Tuck pop, 6 Spot Turn, 6X2 Pull Through 2X, 8 Rocks with Points, 6 Pull to CP, 6 Jersey Bounce, PART 1B- 3X8 counts Charleston into Kick Through Charleston, 4 count turn back, 4 count kick turn kick step ending facing front.  PART 2A- 8 + 6 Inside Charleston, 10 Kick 5x forward, 4 count Turn back with 2 kick steps, 4 Rock step, Break on 3. 8 count Charleston, 8 count Charleston with side stretch away count 5-6, 8 Charleston, 8 Charleston with Side Rock, kick X on 3-4, drag to close 5678. PART 2B-Repeat Part 1B with 8 count Turn back, PART 3A 8 Hand to Hand Charleston start count 1 with Right Kick, end with 2 count R kick-bend and 4 count R Rock Step, Kick step entry into Tandem, 8 count in Tandem, 6 count exit out of Tandem -Follow under joined Right hands as lead comes forward into Flat with follow on Right side of Lead in 6 counts with Rock Step, Kick step, R Kick x , 4 count Freeze, Side By Side- 4 counts: L RS Kick X, 4 counts Right Rock Step Kick X into 8 counts Suzy Q, 12 Cherry Drop, 8 Egg Roll.


Africa Solo Charleston Video 1.40
3×8 He Crazy Legs. She walks back and forth with claps.
4th 8 Mess Around. She-R arm on hip, L arm high to low circle
3×8 Skates R, L, R23, Reverse, Repeat R
4th 8 L 2 step full turn. Jump forward on both.
2×8 Forward kicks: Double Kicks-Palms push forward.
3rd 8-4 kicks
4th 8-double kick+2 count freeze + kick step.
4×8 Shoe Polish,
2×8 sway-sway close with shimmies
2×8 Paddle turn with hands head to hips
2×8 20s Charleston
2×8 sway-sway close with shimmies
2×8 Paddle turn with hands head to hips
Face Partner: Forward 6 Low Runs, 2 -count hold up.
Back 6 Low Runs, 2-count hold up.
8 Forward 4 Low Runs, 2-count hold, 2 count Rock Step
12 -Hand-to-Hand Charleston.
4 turn, 8 count elbow link pose
4 scarecrows
4×8 X kicks: 2X Kick Step, Double Kick Step
2×8 Swoop Kick, Floor Tap Charleston
2×8 ½ turn double kick traveling Charleston with partner
3 Scarecrows turning
4 Facing back: 4 Runs back.
2 Arms up, 2 Look Over R Shoulder, long R arm point to front.