DUE TO COVID-19 SDS has decided to prerecord its swing dance classes! Our first four week beginner class video series is going into production as a DANCE WELLNESS SERIES on Sunday Feb 7/21.

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We will be announcing a release date as soon as the Beginner Swing Dance Wellness Video Class Series is approved for release by the GOD PRODUCTION CENTRE FOR THE ARTS.

What is Dance Wellness? It is the ability to move your body with physical strength agility and flexibility and with mental alertness being primarily motivated to dance by the joy of responding to the music with movement while enjoying the thrill of dancing in harmony with others. The first 10 minutes of each 30-40 minute class video is dedicated to dance wellness. The Dance Wellness section starts with a short public reading of scripture. followed by a warmup and stretch. I am so excited for you to not only learn swing dance with us, but also to be equipped to handle physically mentally and emotionally all the covid-19 challenges that may be happening around you. You are a truly wonderful, amazing person and GOD LOVES YOU!

Each week of the 4 Week Video Class Series a new video is emailed to the students registered for the class. During the week each student has access to a scheduled Zoom appointment to interact with our instructors through ZOOM video chat. To be able to access Zoom instructor feedback please download the link from: https://zoom.us

WELCOME TO SWING DANCE SURREY where you can LEARN How To Swing Dance via weekly mail out videos. It is Fast Fun Easy! Join a progressive series of classes-join a family of dancers! Get happy with Lindy Hop! Look fabulous on the dance floor! No previous dance experience required for the Beginner Course! South Surrey Studio, BC Canada. All Ages Welcome: Youth, Adults, Seniors.

https://youtu.be/6fDIPCuGpjE What is Lindy Hop?
https://youtu.be/BBQQcQSNcDU Triple Step Exercises

Here are two videos: one with a bit of Lindy Hop history to get you inspired!  And another to one get you up on your feet, moving to the beat. The Team at Swing Dance Surrey is Swingin` in isolation for you!

SWING DANCE SURREY INSTRUCTORS teach all ages how to swing dance with fun easy triple time Lindy Hop; the vintage original social swing dance style from the 1930s. Take a 4-Week Beginner Swing Course. Dance yourself happy to the swinging jazz music of the 30s, 40s & 50s.

This is a standard Frankie-4 swing out phrase + other 6 count moves which will you have the pleasure of learning in our beginner classes. 🙂

SWING DANCE SURREY owners are Marie and Peter Welton. Swing Dance Surrey started in 1998 with 4 ambitious Lindy Hop dancers under the name Crescent Beach Swing Kids. In 2000 the name changed to Sweet Swing BC and in 2008 it changed to Jump Joint Swing, which is still an active link. In August 2019 it changed to the present name SWING DANCE SURREY. We provide classes, dances, privates and DJ for swing dance. Contact Marie Welton at 604 536 0195 or email swingdancesurrey@gmail.com for your group or private event. Partial proceeds from Swing events donated to Surrey inner city charity-Metro Kids.


  • Head Instructor Marie Welton: Marie Welton is one of a group of 4 swing dancers who won the trophy for the Semi Professional Group category in the 2002 Surrey Festival of Dance Competitions. Qualified advanced students receive training to provide assistance to the head instructor.
  • Assistant Instructor Laz Savic: Laz has travelled internationally for Linda Hop and has a performance background in Swing and Jazz. He is eager to teach the beginners.

REVIEW FEB 2019 Marie’s  Lindy Hop dances & lessons are in the “BEST” category.  She is amazing. You will learn the basic 8 count swing-out  (Real Lindy) in short order at the first event you attend & that is a rare find in this city.  Marie is very friendly, competent and experienced.  Her dedication to her students is extraordinary.  Great place to learn & practice Lindy swing. FROM: Byron Starr, accomplished Fusion Dancer, Founder/Operator of the Sea To Sky Swing Dance Conventions + the Dance For Fun Club